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Trap Bar (Open Type)

by MSF
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The trap bar (also commonly called a hex bar or deadlift bar) is a staple piece of equipment in any gym. It's a great addition for those looking to increase their strength and build muscle. But why should you use a trap bar rather than the traditional barbell?

First, the trap bar is more user-friendly. Unlike a conventional barbell, the trap bar has a design that doesn’t require the user to get into awkward positions while lifting. This makes it much easier to load, unload, and perform exercises with greater stability and control.

Second, it helps minimize risk of injury. Trap bars have a center of gravity that’s closer to the body, making it much easier to keep your back in its natural alignment while lifting. This helps to reduce strain on your spine and lower back, which can reduce the risk of injury when lifting heavy weights.

Finally, it allows for greater range of motion and better isolation of muscle groups. Traditional barbells can be limiting when it comes to targeting specific muscle groups. The open side design of trap bars allows for greater range of motion throughout exercises and allows for greater isolation of muscle groups, helping you get the best possible workout.

Overall, the trap bar is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to build strength and muscle and reduce the risk of injury. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lifter, your gym should definitely have one!