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Trap Bar

by MSF
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As gym enthusiasts, we’re always looking for new equipment and ways to challenge our muscles. A great piece of equipment to add to your arsenal is the trap bar or deadlift bar.

The trap bar has been around for decades but recently has seen a surge in popularity due to its versatility and ability to work out different muscle groups. In addition to being able to be used for traditional deadlifts, the trap bar can also be used for shrugs, farmer’s walks, presses, and rows. The handles on either side of the bar mean that you can use double-overhand or mixed grip for heavier lifts.

The benefits of using a trap bar over traditional deadlifts are numerous. Firstly, the shape of the bar allows you to stand in the centre rather than out in front, reducing the range of motion and allowing you to lift more weight. This increases your deadlift strength since the beginning position of the lift is much lower than when using a straight barbell. Using the trap bar can also help reduce any lower back stress since it reduces the amount of forward bending required when performing a conventional deadlift.

Using a trap bar is also safer than traditional deadlifts since it reduces the risk of injury due to incorrect form. The increased range of motion reduces the strain placed on your back while also providing more stability and control. By using a trap bar instead of a straight barbell you will have better overall balance and form which helps prevents injury.

Overall, the trap bar is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that should be added to every gym-goers routine. Whether you’re looking for a new way to build strength or an alternative way to do traditional deadlifts, a trap bar can help you reach your goals without having to compromise on your safety or form.