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Tire Flip 180

by MSF
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Tire Flip 180

  • The tire flip 180 is a staple of functional fitness exercises in the gym. If you're looking for an intense, full-body workout that will build strength and power, tire flip 180 is just the exercise you need.

    The tire flip 180 combines agility and strength training as you flip a tire over 180 degrees, propelling it with your hands, core, and legs. It's a great way to build explosive power and overall body strength. Plus, it engages all major muscle groups and helps you develop your cardiovascular health too.

    When performing a tire flip 180, the goal is to move the tire as quickly and powerfully as possible. This means you need to leverage your entire body to get the tire up and over in one swift motion. Start by digging your feet into the ground for better traction, bending your knees slightly and grasping the tire with both hands. Make sure to keep your arms straight to protect your back from injury. Take a big breath, brace your core, and pull the tire off the ground using your legs and back muscles. As soon as the tire is in the air, use your hands to propel it forward and over. With practice, flipping the tire will become easier and more efficient.

  • Not only is a tire flip 180 an effective exercise for developing strength and power, but it's also an incredibly fun workout that can be done alone or with friends. So if you're looking for a new challenge that will help you stay fit and healthy, give the tire flip 180 a try!

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Open frame design on both sides allows complete freedom of movement without impediment for safety and more natural form during each flip
  • Matte Black color powder coated frame finish
  • Cushion pillow block mounted bearings
  • Base foot plates with non-skid rubber pads for stability
  • Battle rope anchors for group training
  • Floor mounting points will ensure that the Tire Flip will always be secure in your workout area (floor mounting is optional and not required)
  • Transport wheels and welded handles for “tip-and-roll” mobility
  • Minimal assembly required

*T&C: Installation charges will be extra