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Standing Calf Raise Machine (Elite)

by MSF
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MSF Standing Calf Raise (Elite) 

Standing Calf Raise Machine from MSF

The MSF Standing Calf Raise Machine is the perfect way to work your calves in the gym. With adjustable resistance and a sturdy design, this machine is built to last. The large, comfortable foot pads make it easy to get a great workout, and the easy-to-use controls make it simple to adjust your workout as needed.

The MSF standing calf is  scientifically engineered strength equipment suitable for a wide range of commercial gyms – despite its simplicity and reduced size. The standing calf features angled shoulder pads that match the natural angle of the shoulder thereby providing enhanced exercise comfort. The machine is also supplied with the height adjustable input arm which enables the users to "stand and go" instead of forcing a squatting position during exercises. Its large  foot platform with a non-slip surface ensures grip and support during workout for enhanced safety.

A standing calf pin-loaded machine is a popular strength training equipment used to target the calf muscles. It has a vertical design with a platform for the user to stand on, and a padded lever that rests on the shoulders. The user can adjust the weight load by adding or removing weight plates.

This machine is great for isolating and strengthening the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the calf. It also helps to improve ankle stability and balance. To use the machine, stand on the platform with the balls of your feet on the edge, place the padded lever on your shoulders, and lift your heels as high as you can while keeping your legs straight. Lower your heels back down and repeat for several repetitions.

Using the standing calf pin-loaded machine is a great addition to any leg day routine and can help to improve overall lower body strength and athleticism. As with any exercise, it is important to use proper form and start with lighter weights before progressing to heavier loads.


L 50''        W 29.5''    H 73.5''

L 127cm   W 75cm   H 187cm

Target Muscle: 

Calf - Gastrocnemius

*T&C: Installation charges will be extra