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Revolving Curl Bar Handle

by MSF
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Current price Rs. 1,550.00

MSF  Revolving Curl Bar Handle 

  • The Revolving Curl Bar attachment is a great choice for those looking to target multiple muscles during their workout. It has a ‘W’ shape bar design, which allows for a variety of different movements and angles to be used. It is designed to fully isolate the biceps and triceps while taking the strain off the wrists and elbows. This Deluxe Curl Bar Attachment is made from durable steel and has rubber grips for extra comfort and security when using it. Revolving Bar is also a great option for an EZ curl attachment, as it has anti-slip and secure grips. It is one of the top 10 cable attachments for a gym and is a must-have for isolating arm muscles, as well as performing seated cable rows and chin-ups .

  • Revolving curl bar for home and professional gym systems
  • Angled design isolates biceps and triceps muscles for complete arm development
  • Made of durable solid steel with a knurled grip along the inside and edges of the bar