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Raw Isolate
Looking for imported brand quality Natural Raw protein with added minerals and BCAAs? Your search ends here!

Introducing ABSOLUTE NUTRITION RAW ISOLATE PROTEIN which consists of 90% whey protein isolate. To ensure the best quality as we promise with other products, it’s INTERNATIONALLY SOURCED!

Absolute Nutrition Raw Isolate Protein provides 27g protein per scoop with 6.3g BCAAs, 4.23g Glutamic acid and 12.7 g of Essential Amino Acids. Consuming the protein before and after strenuous activity, helps in reducing soreness. The potent BCAAs formulation includes isoleucine, leucine and valine, which reduces fatigue and improve muscle recovery.

And no need to worry about burning extra calories after consuming it, as Raw Isolate Protein comes with ZERO SUGAR and NEGLIGIBLE CARBOHYDRATES !

Directions For Use

30 gm approx. (one heaped scoop) in 150ml of water or low fat milk or use as recommended by dietitian or licensed nutritionist or as advised by trainer.