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Multi press combo machine

Original price Rs. 107,500.00 - Original price Rs. 112,500.00
Original price
Rs. 107,500.00
Rs. 107,500.00 - Rs. 112,500.00
Current price Rs. 107,500.00
Size: 75kg

MSF Multi press combo machine 

Multi Press combo is a unit accommodates three pressing movements- bench press, incline press, decline press - in one machine. A variety of pressing exercises for Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps can be done using this machine. It includes precision linear bearings for the EZ Slide seat carriage adjustment. Anatomically correct handgrips and pressing bar.


L 76.5''         W 51''            H 62''

L 194.5cm    W 129.5cm    H 157.5cm 

Target Muscle:

chest - pectorals

Shoulders - Deltoids

Triceps & traps

*T&C: Installation charges will be extra.