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Milk Thistle (Silymarin) has been used for traditional medicinal practices for liver support and detox.
Silymarin has strong Liver protectant properties and is a well-known Greek Herb which improves bile flow and stimulates digestion.
Absolute Milk Thistle consists of 80% of Silymarin extract, 150mg of Dandelion Extract and 150 mg of Turmeric Root extract.
Dandelion root extract is a highly nutritious herb which contains potent Antioxidants, Aids Blood Sugar Control and Reduces cholesterol levels. Turmeric root extract is also known for its Anti-oxidant properties and Anti-inflammatory properties and supports in Healthy functioning of liver.
Dope Free Absolute MILK THISTLE is an ultimate combination of all three extracts and is scientifically formulated for Healthy Functioning of Liver.
Rejuvenate your Liver with Absolute Milk Thistle.


Directions For Use

2 tablets per day or as suggested by the Healthcare Professional