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Lat Pulldown/Seated Rowing (Alpha)

by MSF
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Lat Pulldown/Seated Rowing (Alpha)

⦁ Great combo machine provides dual back exercises
⦁ No cable adjustment for Lat pulldowns to low rows
⦁ Thigh hold-down rollers are fully adjustable
⦁ Convenient. Paint protector bar & handle holders
⦁ Extra long bench for tall users 

  • Lat Pull Down / Seated Rowing dual station machine is a great way to strengthen and tone your back muscles. The Lat Pull Down strengthens the lats, the large muscles on the side of the back, while the Seated Rowing works the smaller muscles in the middle of the back such as the rhomboids, teres minor, and trapezius. This type of machine can be adjusted to different heights and weights, allowing for an effective and safe workout. To use the machine, start with a lighter weight. Begin with a Lat Pull Down exercise, gripping the bar with your palms facing away from your body and pulling the bar down to your upper chest. For the Seated Rowing, reach forward with your arms outstretched and pull the handle up towards your chest. Make sure to keep your back straight throughout your entire workout routine.


    Target Muscles:

    Back muscle - Latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids with fore and upper arm