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Lat Pull Down Double Pulley (Magnum)

by MSF
Original price Rs. 105,000.00 - Original price Rs. 109,000.00
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Rs. 105,000.00
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Size: 75kg

MSF Lat pull down/ Seated Rowing

⦁ Thigh hold-down rollers are fully adjustable
⦁ The primary muscle targeted is the latissimus dorsi. These are triangular, fan-shaped muscles covering your middle to lower back and are instrumental in pulling your arms down toward your pelvis. Some of the more significant secondary muscles worked are the biceps, trapezius, rhomboid and rotator cuff muscles. With the downward pulling movement, the elbows bend, which engages the biceps, the muscles in front of your upper arm. At the bottom of the pull, your shoulder blades are drawn down and together, which engages your trapezius and rhomboid muscles located in your upper back. The rotator cuff muscles help to keep your shoulder joint stable.


L 61''   W54''   H 89.5''

L 155cm   W 137.5  H 227.5cm 

Target Muscle: 

Back muscle - Latissmus dorsi.

*T&C: Installation charges will be extra.