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Lat Pull Down Double Pulley (Magnum)

by MSF
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MSF Lat pull down/ Seated Rowing


  • The Lat Pull Down Dual Pully Machine is a great piece of equipment for strength training. It allows you to work both sides of your back at the same time and helps to isolate and target specific muscle groups. When using this machine correctly, you can get a great workout for your lats and upper back, as well as building core stability.
  • The Lat Pull Down Dual Pully Machine is easy to set up and use. To use the machine, you first need to select the handle that you want to use. You have the option of a lat bar, a straight bar, or a V-bar. Next, you need to adjust the cable height to match your body height.

    Once you are ready, you can grab the bar with both hands and pull down towards your chest. Keep your elbows close to your body and make sure to keep your back straight. You can perform the movement in a controlled manner, or you can do a quicker, more explosive movement for further resistance. You can also play around with different grips and try out different variations to target different muscle groups.

    When using the Lat Pull Down Dual Pully Machine, it is important to keep good form. Make sure to engage your back muscles and do not use momentum to complete the movement. Poor form can lead to injury, so be mindful of your body and take care to execute each rep properly. The Lat Pull Down Dual Pully Machine is a great addition to any strength training routine and can help you to target specific muscle groups.




    L 61''   W54''   H 89.5''

    L 155cm   W 137.5  H 227.5cm 

    Target Muscle: 

    Back muscle - Latissmus dorsi.

    *T&C: Installation charges will be extra.