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Dual Grip Medicine Ball

by MSF
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Rs. 2,600.00
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Grip Medicine Ball

  • A medicine ball with two handles is known as a double grip medicine ball and allows the user to perform two-handed strength training exercises. Though barbells are commonly used for lunges, the weights can be replaced with double-grip medicine balls.
  • Medicine ball training is one of the easier ways to improve your endurance, explosiveness, and core strength. The weighted strength-training ball works well for a wide range of upper- and lower-body workouts
  • A thick, reinforced rubber construction allows achieving a solid and sure grip. The interior filling is substantial enough to help the ball keep its shape across repeated use
  • Thanks to integrated handles, these medicine balls can be used for both one and two-handed exercises, letting users duplicate swinging motions and rotational movements
  • The solid weighted core adds resistance to help build core strength during crunches, rotational twists, and leg raises
  • Enhance daily workouts with medicine balls that can improve your training and often used for rehabilitation and strength training.