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Fat Gripper

by MSF
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  • They help improve your grip strength. Poor grip strength is the reason why many of us are not able to build enough mass on our back and biceps. The best fat grips will help you improve your grip strength and perform heavier deadlifts easily and safely. 
  • It helps take the pressure off the elbows. Thin bars put more pressure on the elbows and rotator cuffs. The fat grips increase their diameter and help distribute the weight more evenly. The pressure shifts to the forearms and arms, thereby keeping your elbows safe from injuries. 
  • Thicker handles help activate the smaller muscles of the arms and forearms, which are otherwise ignored. No matter how hard you work, the weaker muscle groups can affect the results you achieve, which is why fitness enthusiasts and athletes are now focusing on them as well. 
  • Thicker handles also help you increase the total body contraction instead of just forearms and arms. Using just a simple fat grip, you will be able to target your chest, shoulders, core muscles, and back muscles.