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Twister Standing & Seated

by MSF
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MSF Twister Standing & Seated

  • Are you looking for an effective and fun way to get a full body workout in the gym? If so, consider trying twister standing and seated for exercise. Twister standing and seated can provide a great core workout, strengthening the abdominal muscles, lower back and side muscles. As well as giving you a full body workout it is great for improving balance and coordination.

    Twister standing and seated is a great exercise that requires minimal setup. All you need is a sturdy chair or bench. Start by standing in front of the chair with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, take a wide step to the side with one foot, keeping your knees straight. Place your hands on either side of the chair and twist your torso towards the side of your stepping leg. Push through that side when you reach the bottom of the twist to lift yourself back up and twist your body in the opposite direction when you are back up (so you switch sides).

    Twister standing and seated is a low impact exercise that does not require any equipment besides a chair or bench. It’s great for those starting out in the gym or those who want to add something different to their routine. That said, those who are more experienced can ramp up the intensity by either increasing their speed while they are twisting.

  • Twister standing and seated is perfect for those looking to add variation to their gym routine while still getting an effective full body workout. Give it a try and see how it feels!

  • Offers multiple grip positions for a variety of exercise options
  • Designed for easy installation.
  • Suitable For All Age Groups / Unisex Home Gym Kits.
  • Standing and seated Twister With Handle Bars.
  • Heavy Duty Twister With Stand
  • Suitable For All Age Groups / Unisex Gym Kits


L 66.5''     W 25.5''      H 48''

L 169cm   W 65cm     H 122cm 

Target Muscle: 

spinal flexors & rotators, 

rectus abdominus & obliques.


*T&C: Installation charges will be extra